Tuesday, November 29, 2011

It's Been A While...

So, I'll spare a long antidote on how long it’s been since my last post/blog/random musing. In short, it’s been a long ass time. In fact, you probably saw this link and thought ‘hot damn, this blog is still polluting the interwebs?’

To be honest, that is a fair thought.

There is a lot of crap out there on the internet and I’m proud to say that this blog is part of that large ecosystem of crap. So, what do you do on these blogs now days? Do I rant about work? How those damn leaves are the bane of my existence? Talk about married life? Fantasy football? Or how no matter how often we brush Tessie’s hair; it always looks disheveled?

I’m sure all of those will bore many of you to death. Again, I have no clue what the kids are even blogging about, if they still blog or if they don’t read anything past 140 characters (damn U twitter & ur assault on the Eng. Lang #twittergripe).

And now back to our scheduled programming…

Have we already been married 1.6667 Kardashian’s?

This time last year we were starting to plan everything, my house was for sale and our plans for the wedding and what to do after were still being decided. Where would we live? What was the wedding going to be like? Where was the honeymoon going to be?

All of the anxiety of selling the house and wedding was just compounded by stress at work, car dying right before the wedding and just life happening. But the best part of all that stress in the first 7 months of 2011; starting 7/30/2011 the stress started to peel off.

First the house sold, got a promotion at work that has been years in the making, got the new car, moved into our place, the wedding was amazing and the honeymoon even better. I went into the busiest time for me with the lowest stress level that I could recall.

Following the wedding; when my watch hit 5:30pm I preemptively starting to wrap things up to get home. I had a new routine now. Aim to be home by no later than 6:30 to walk the dog, make dinner with my wife and more importantly spend time with her. Granted I may have to log back into work; but at least spend some time with her before she went to bed.

As cheesy as it sounds; I developed a new set of priorities. It’s getting off work in time to go look at Christmas trees. It’s trying a new recipe that I’ll try to wing part of and she’ll stick to the directions. After 4 months; it is waking up every morning and looking forward to that time we spend together; no matter how long or short of time it may be. But I’ll fight like hell to have it be as long as possible.

Random Thought Vomit…

One of my favorite things to do is just throw out some quick hits of what I’m thinking about. Here goes nothing:

- Say what you will about the Kardashian’s about having no talent. But they make serious bank for having ‘no talent’
- The NBA Lockout ended last week. I want to be mad at them; but I just have to watch college basketball long enough to realize how much better the NBA is over college
- When will people realize that there are three things you don't talk about at work? Salary, religion and politics. These conversations almost never end well unless you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the two of you are on the same page
- Oh, assuming typically just makes an ass out of you
- honestly, what is the point of Tumblr? 
- I guess you could say the same for twitter; but twitter is great for sports info, news, comedians and web discounts/local coupons
- I have Amazon Prime and yes, it has definitely increased how much I shop online. Also, I check Amazon on nearly all purchases online to see if I can get a better deal through them first. Well played Amazon...well played.
- I'm sure you've seen this link by now; but who doesn't get a kick out of the 'No Cat'?
- Bobby Valentine is the new Red Sox manager. I want him to do well, but remember his exit with the Mets wasn't pretty. But this article gave me hope for how he'll do at the Sox skipper
- I think cranberries get a raw deal. They are one of the stars of Thanksgiving dinner and rarely brought out as a side the rest of the year. I am going to make an effort to change that and so should you.
- Beermas is 10 Days away and that makes me very happy
- I love my wife very much. I hope she knows it and if you're reading this honey; it's etched forever on the internet my love for you.

And on that note; hope you are all doing well and thanks for reading.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Forever Young

Hello everyone. I know it has been a while; but how have you all been? I have to say that things have been going rather well here in the Sugarhood. Gone on some trips, had some lobster, watched some Cake and Vampire Weekend, watched my alma mater go to the 12PAC or PAC12, but more importantly; I got engaged.

Yeah, crazy right? In Grand Central Terminal, with the place packed full of people, I got down on one knee. I asked a question and the answer was yes. Now, you're probably wondering if I'll go into more details about the anxiety, the stress, the fear of losing the ring in NYC and more; another time.

I thought as I am staring down the last moments of my twenties; I would write the last decade a goodbye letter.
Dear twenties,

Man, have we been through some crazy shit over the years? I mean, the predicaments we found ourself in over the past 10 years and the stories to tell will be timeless. I have been recounting the memories over a glass of 18yr old Glenfiddich and it is so different than what I drank in 2000 (which isn't a bad thing).

I don't want you to take this the wrong way; but I think I'm ready, whether I like it or not, to move on to my thirties. I am going to miss the college parties, the drinking until 3am and passing out on the lawn, the stories that all started with 'no shit there I was', my nephew being born, Tahoe, Seattle, New York, Boston, Maine and much more. I really will. But, I have to say that I look at where I stand today and where I stood 10 years ago and I haven't been happier. I've never been more comfortable in my own skin.

This time 10 years ago; you're parents kicked you out of the house to live at the U. They saw that I wanted to grow up so fast, graduate college and get a job. My mom kept telling me to slow down and enjoy where you were. I thought they were crazy.

In the immortal words of Yoda "All his life has he looked away—to the future, to the horizon. Never his mind on where he was—what he was doing." The irony behind that quote was when I watched that when I was around 24 or 25; I watched it and it all made sense.

My parents couldn't have been more right. Because I found many of the friends that will be there for all of the ups and downs for the years to come. Plus, we'll always have those stories from college; starting a fraternity, student government, driving 'Vince' around campus and late nights hanging out at the 5th hole at the U. But just as those next three years of college were some of the best of our life; they pale in comparison to what lays ahead. That is why I'm ready to move on to the thirties.

I learned a lot in life, friends, family and love and not always the easy way. But I made it through to the other side finally knowing who I am, what I want and where I want to be.

I know you're asking why am I so excited to jump to something else. I can't tell you what is going happen in my thirties. One thing is for certain though; the best has yet to come. We've only scratched the surface on what is in store and because of that I am more optimistic on this birthday than I have been at any point in my life. I'm not old, I'm not breaking down, I'm only hitting my stride. I know this is true for not only me; but all of my friends around me.

Don't be too down twenties, you helped me find surround myself with great friends who've been there when I've been up, down or side to side. Granted we haven't always seen eye to eye; but in the end we enjoy each others company and are there to support each other. And in the end isn't that what matters?

You also helped me gain a deeper respect and love for my family. I watched my nephew grow from a little burrito to a young Padawan. Not only that, but became closer to my sister than I've ever been. I gained a deeper respect for my parents and what they went through to raise me.

And best part of my twenties has been the end of it. I found the person to spend those years with. She may never read this, she may never come across this in a link. But I can tell you that I unequivocally, without a doubt love Aura with all of my being. It took me 30 years to find her and I will fight like hell for the rest of my years to never lose her.

So twenties, we've had a great time. We really did. I hate to say goodbye. But, just know that I'll never forget you. I'll never underestimate the impact you had on where I am today. We left things on top and that is all you can ask for. Thanks for the memories.


Thursday, December 17, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

With the Beermas holiday behind us; trips to see the lights at Temple Square and Hoogle Zoo completed; comes the time to sit on the couch with your Snuggie and watch some holiday classics. You'll find that I don't watch your typical "It's a Wonderful Life" or "Christmas Story". I love to watch movies that are more akin to my 10 year old child inside and what I loved to watch as a kid. Yes, action movies.

Everyone has their list of movies that are Christmas to them and that they watch year in and year out. I figured I'd list my Christmas movies out and why they're there. Let me know what your favorites are too.

National Lampoons Christmas Vacation
I just have to say that I'm thankful my dad never really got that into Christmas lights. I always worried that one day this movie would thrust him into that realm of house decorations; but fortunately we remained safe from nearly shutting down a power grid for lights.

This movie also contains one of the greatest rants in history:

All I can say is Bill Murray and him improving as he goes along. Plus, the ghost of Christmas present is awesome. Not to mention the commercial for what Frank Cross (Bill Murray) thinks should be the promo for Scrooged is epic. In fact; here is a list of things great about this movie. I couldn't have put it better.

Rocky IV
I know what your asking right now:
- "Marcus, isn't this one of the greatest movies of all time?"
- "Isn't this on your list of movies that ended the Cold War?"
- "Doesn't Rocky IV have the greatest montage of all time?"
- And lastly; "How does Rocky IV relate to Christmas?"

Well, the first three questions are all yes. The last question is because this movie takes place during Christmas. Rocky goes over to Mother Russia to pound in Drago's face during Christmas. And at the end of his epic speech; Rocky tells his son Merry Christmas as the Russians are chanting his name.

Die Hard
I have to say that this is the quintessential Christmas movie in my house. I have a standing tradition to watch this on Christmas Eve/Christmas Morning (before I go to bed). I've done this for 20 years now and this year looks to be no different.

What more can you ask for? Family? Check. Witty dialogue? Check. A bad guy who tries to spoil Christmas? Check? A father who will fight like hell to make sure his families Christmas isn't ruined? Check. And watching 10 or so terrorists get leveled by a NYC cop with no shoes? Check.

So, I have a handful of awesome videos that highlight my favorite Christmas movie. Some are NSFW unless you have headphones; then you should be okay:

Die Hard Trailer: After watching this, is there any reason why you would doubt how awesome this movie is?

Die Hard Music Video: This is surprisingly catchy song that covers all three Die Hard movies. Yes, I purposely left out Die Hard IV since they didn't say 'fuck' once and it was just ridiculous. PG-13 Die Hard = Fail.

Die Hard - The Fucking Short Version: This pretty much takes the highlights of the movie. This one is NSFW either unless you have headphones.

So, those are my holiday movies. Yes, I am sure I left a few off. Elf is close, but not in the final cut. And I really don't get why people have such a hard on for the Christmas Story (looking at you Melissa). But, I think it comes down to tradition. These were movies that made up my Christmas tradition and thus are movies that remind me of the holidays.

With that in mind; what are your holiday movies? If I don't see, talk, or write to you until after Christmas; I wish all of you a safe and Merry Christmas with your loved ones.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Just let your soul glow...just let it shine through...

Editors Notes: So after seeing the anonymous comments by the anonymous blogger on the last post; we've implemented a little change here at The Mindless Void; no more anonymous comments. This isn't to say that you can't leave angry or mean comments anymore; but now you just have to have the stones to put your name behind it.

Hello everybody. How are you doing? What has happened since I last posted? Did you get a haircut? Cause it looks nice. I hope your mom is doing okay. So, here are some basic blocks of major events since the last post:

Chillin' in the '303'
As noted by the previous post; Aura, Ryan, Cat and I descended upon the 303 Area Code for some football, beer and good times. The previous post displays a few pictures from the Utes Football game. Aura and I also went to the Patriots vs. Broncos Game. Our seats were what one may call 'redonkulous'. Yes; they lost in overtime, my soul is still partially frozen and I found out that hand warmers by Coleman are complete shit. But, it was a great game and the Broncos fans weren't assholes.

But when I say chillin'; we quite literally were chillin'. That game was by far the coldest game I've ever been to.

Falling in Sugarhood
When I was purchasing a home in '06; it was during the fall months. One of the biggest things that drew me to Sugarhood was the leaves on 5th east. Below are a few shots of the leaves changing on my street.

I am a Utah Man
With my new camera gave me an entirely new way to shoot pictures of the Ute games. Below is a few of my favorite pictures from the games

From The Mindless Void
From The Mindless Void
From The Mindless Void

Pumpkins and Costumes...OH MY!!!
This years Halloween/Birthday Party at the Oderda's was a blast as usual. I was a cheesy tourist and Aura a gorgeous Snow White. Not to mention we got a chance to carve pumpkins at #mikeymikes house. Definitely a great time
From The Mindless Void
From The Mindless Void
From The Mindless Void

Fakesgiving and Thanksgiving
So, for those who have never been to Fakesgiving; this is a holiday that started in college with my old roommates in which we would do a huge Thanksgiving dinner before everyone left to go home for Thanksgiving. One of the things I have become eternally grateful for is my friends. Many of them have become more like family than friends and I am very thankful to have them.

This year Katie and John hosted Fakesgiving and it was a resounding success. Bacon wrapped turkey, tons of wine and tons of food. Plus, the best company you can find for a group of friends.

From The Mindless Void
From The Mindless Void

Then there is Thanksgiving with the family. This year was a first as Aura and I had two dinners to attend. Both had amazing food and we realized that man was meant for one Thanksgiving dinner and not two. Either way; the day ended with us watching a Thanksgiving movie; Planes, Trains and Automobiles.

What am I thankful for? A healthy family, a wonderful girlfriend, a stable relationship, an awesome dog and a job that I excel at.

"Oh Beermas Tree..Oh Beermas Tree...O' will thou please beer me?"

This year marked the Third Beermas Festivities at my home. This year Beermas was rather jam packed with the following:

- White Elephant Gift Exchange
- Family Photos with Santa
- Dirty Pictionary
- Ugly Sweater Competition
- And beer, beer and more beer

For those who have not been to Beermas; it is a holiday that was created to celebrate all of the wonderful things that Beer provides us through the other 364 days of the year. I intend to do an entire post on the Story of Beermas in the future (just for you Kate).

Here is the 2009 Family Beermas Photo:
From The Mindless Void
From The Mindless Void

Temple Lights with an extra shot of espresso
So, every year we go to the Temple Lights. This is even more important with the little burrito. We went last night to the lights and here are a few highlights. I will say; being hungry, hating crowds and a little one who doesn't want to listen made for a unique trip to the lights. Either way; it was fun because I love to see his eyes when he sees all the lights. Also, it is great to take my favorite highly caffeinated beverage too.

From The Mindless Void
From The Mindless Void

Nice and Snuggly thanks to Kris Kringle
We have a Secret Santa at work called Kris Kringle. I have to say that of all the gifts that I've received; this is by far the best one. I have to say; thank you Sandy as this really is just chalk full of awesomesauce!!! But, put your Snuggie on backwards and it just doesn't make sense. What is it? A robe? No way!

From The Mindless Void
From The Mindless Void

Also seen below is the best wrapping I've ever seen. The present was wrapped in paper with the persons face all over it. Classic.

From The Mindless Void

So, I think that is a comprehensive catch up from October. There were other things mixed in. But those are the highlights. Thanks for reading to the bottom. I know it was a long one.